I Love You

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A lot of people don’t know this…bc I don’t really share it.
During Christmas of 2010 we were living in the south and my only sister wanted us to go visit her in New York.
The weather was bad, so I told her we would make the trip in the spring.
And on January 4th 2011…
My sister was called to Heaven.
There are no words that make that loss seem less hurtful.
And maybe some would say that I…
Would be right in never celebrating any holiday again.
But am reminded at how much she loved me.
How she loved everyone.
If I could give you all a gift it would be this…
Moments are temporary…
Then they are memories.
Do not leave room in your life for regret.
Do not allow the idea that you have less than other ppl destroy you.
Appreciate every moment…
Every breath…and smile
Knowing you too are loved.
I hope each and everyone of you know
How much you mean to me and our family.
I wish you a happy holiday filled with light and love.
I love you all.

Not you. 

I was 16, you were the only soul I seen. Now I’m 22, left with what I thought was an image of you. Who are you? That’s not the girl I thought I knew. What happened to you? Did all the money and booze really get to you? Such an amazing girl wasted into what others wanted you to do. Are you ever the truest version of you? Doesn’t it get tiring constantly having to be someone new? No one knows you anymore, the persistent lies to hide what’s within you. Open your beautiful brown eyes.. You’re destroying those who genuinely love you, for the real you.

Rita Gabriiel 

Dear World


Dear World,

You may be wondering why I am writing you right now…I understand. But the truth is; I have been watching you…and my eyes fill with tears. I have watched your triumphs; where you will pull together as people and embrace one another, as a family should. I have watched you fight for the survival of a species of animal that was crying out for your love and attention. I have seen you go to the aide of those affected by a natural disaster; during these times I have been extremely proud of you.

I have seen you at your worst; when you thought no one was watching. I have seen you steal from one another; even if you are only stealing time. I have watched as you erected huge walls and fences to keep one another out. I have watched you remove one another from the lands that you live in, out of some false sense of ownership. I have watched you hang your brothers and sisters, because you found offense in the color of their skin. I have seen you burn Holy Books out of some need to control one another. You have let money turn you against one another; it brings out the very worst in your character.

So I wanted to take a moment today and reach out to you. I want to remind you of some core truths; and once I deliver them to you…hold onto them.

You have a very complex soul. It’s beautiful, but obviously it has been tested. I feel pain and such love in you. You know, we often have to deal with life altering events; some of us don’t do so well. Basically we have to do our very best; and move on. Your heart is full and when the time is just right; you are going to be able to share it with the world. Don’t let anyone convince you to dim your light…it is there to guide you and others who will follow you. Believe me, they will follow you. Make sure your words are true, but responsible. Speak with a giving tone and know that you can create a better place for your fellow man…starting with a smile.

Love with your whole heart; love is never a mistake. And if love doesn’t turn out to be what you thought it would be…embrace it for what it is and appreciate the experience. I promise you, with my whole heart, loving anyone is never a mistake. There are times, of course, when we must walk away from relationships; but do not confuse the pain of a separation for a pain from love. Love never hurts…it is only walking away from love that causes us pain.

Give people hope. It’s okay to be upset or frustrated…but please do not take the hopes of man, while you are doing it. Give assurance, be positive. Smile and spread sunshine…wherever you may go.

It is okay to grieve…it is a celebration of life. But do not dwell in your grief; mourning a loved one is just further acknowledgement of how wonderful they were to you. The love and care our loved ones gave us on earth…multiplies in the hereafter…surrounding us constantly. So don’t feel bad about letting a tear fall; as long as you cushion it with laughter and wonderful memories.

Listen to your heart, and let it converse with your soul…it keeps you safe. Fight the good fight…and that means to simply defend those who cannot defend themselves…not necessarily with violence. Use your words…make a stand…demand a change. And keep on demanding until the world gets so sick of you that they change. The first step is the hardest…but people will follow. Everyone is looking for THAT HERO…the one who stood up when everyone else was sitting down.

With Love,





I’m not much for politics

Will never hold office or such

Just seems like we analyze

Our world way too much

If we were all loving by nature

Kindness were our only creed

Microscopes wouldn’t be necessary

Could be judged by our good deeds

Not how much a charity was given

Not how many babies we kissed

But we’re so caught up on dissecting

There’s so much we have missed

We overlook true kindness

For the flashy displays of “humanity”

We mistake lies for the truth

And other such insanity

We should think a man true

For kissing a baby’s head

Babies are easy to love

Let’s talk about life instead

You want to make the world safer

Let’s talk about ridding our arms

Let’s contribute to peace

Stop doing others harm

This do onto others

Before he does to me

Creates human extinction

Via political party

Not caring about which party

You tend to subscribe

More concerned about love

Shining my Creator’s light

In the world that really matters

We have begun a cycle of hate

It isn’t about who is strongest

But the fragile hearts we break

What good is a human display?

If it is followed up with lies

We cover up evils of men

With well-padded alibis

Believe me we are being watched

From places unforeseen

Our actions are being scrutinized

Our intentions are unclean

We may pray in a cathedral

All are welcome to enter

For God is not as we are

Completely self-centered

Yet every day we are given

The chance to make a change

Yet the mistakes we are making

Vary little in their range

I’m observing nothing more

Not saying I am less at fault

But shouldn’t we start today

End the domestic assault

Stop the hateful name calling

What are we teaching our young?

That the winner by default

Is the one with the cruelest tongue?

Do you see the insanity now?

How crazy this all seems

To crush the will of man

Squashing his hopes and dreams

I pray we wake up soon

Before it is too late

The cost of sin is high

The punishment is great

Embrace your fellow man

Whether black white yellow or blue

For the greatness that created them

Also created you



If anyone tells you that spiritual healing is painless…

They have not experienced true pain…

They have not traveled through the journey of true healing.

Healing is extremely painful.

It is not an easy task.

In order to heal, you have to force yourself to reflect on the life experiences that caused you pain.

You have to allow yourself to be exposed to the trauma you tried to bury for so many years.

Once you have endured the pain…

Once you have hit that rock bottom…

Cry until you cannot cry anymore…

Scream until you cannot scream anymore…

Once that pain has burned you to ashes…

Only then, are you able to rise like the Phoenix you are…

Letting go of the emotional baggage…

Freeing yourself of the mental entrapment.

You may have to feel yourself burn more than once…

Do it.

Cry, scream, yell, curse…

Let the pain flow through you…

Feel it burn…

Like acid flowing through your veins…

Become one with the pain…

Learn from it…

And move forward.

Worth The Wait

He tells you he loves you and you’re the only one

How all the girls are having sex and it’s fun

You believe him and give in to temptation at will

Now everyone knows and that makes you ill

Broken promises and heartbreak after sex too soon

Abstinence is the goal, don’t let peer pressure fool you

Your body is a temple, treat it with care

Every girl isn’t having sex, let’s make that clear

Education and goals are the key

Once an adult and married, enjoy your husband blissfully

A Way of Life

A Way of Life

After it happens

You forget small things

Like where did I put my keys

Like does my hair look okay

Like the small rip he put on your clothes

As you were pleading for him to


Please just STOP

After this happens you forget the small things

Like…where did I leave my smile?

How did I get here?

Why do they keep blaming me?

You run from destination to destination

Careful to not make eye contact with him

It doesn’t matter who HE is..

Because NOW…

He is every one

He is every where

He lives in my head

Constantly reminding me

That if my body hadn’t been so:



If I hadn’t tried so hard to:

Cover it up

Show it off

Look sexy

Look unappealing

Then he never would have:

Stalked me

Pushed me

Threatened me and all I love

He never would have RAPED me…

So by the end of HER day…

After facing:

Unkind faces






One thing MUST be TRUE

Because it is the one thing everyone is saying






Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Yeah that is how women all over the world see it…

When Misogyny becomes a way of life

She has a beautiful soul. 

Her soul is so bright, is spoke so loudly. Everyday she put up a fight. She stood her ground, so proudly. A beautiful smile on her face, inside she has pain that couldn’t be traced. The thoughts would make her mind so fast paced, her heart began to race. She always felt sick, she knew this couldn’t be it. Her energy levels became very low. She felt she was moving entirely too slow. What was hidden in her body? She begged for it to show. Exhaustion became an understatement for a woman who was once incredibly alive. She would strive to arrive on time, getting out of bed was the real task that became hard to find. The way her joints ached, all she wanted was a break. The on going headaches went along with her hair loss. Night after night, she would toss and turn wondering why it was her turn. She’s an amazing woman, she gave the last of what she had. A heart so genuine, a voice so soft spoken. Now when she speaks she’s loud and more passionate than ever. She wants you to know she has a disease, in which she can not recover. She found out she has lupus, she knew something but was new to this. This new found disease would not control her future. More times than not, she was at ease. She now knew why she felt so uncomfortable in her body. The rash on her skin no longer embarrassed her when it would show periodically. Lupus is an inflammatory disease cause when the immune system attacks the tissue in its own body. Reassured that she was loved, she took a different look. She is still happy, she loves even harder than before. She knows she is not alone. Due to her wonderful ways, love is what she has always been shown. It’s truly saddening that a woman with so much compassion developed a disease so hurtful. She fights, she keeps everyday in sight. The Lord is with her, she shimmers with his powerful light.

Rita Gabriiel 

You’re evil. 

He was so dangerous for me. I knew it. All the times that he’s actually blew it. Strange and deranged, all I wanted was you. That wasn’t an option though. I was a toy. You’re not supposed to still be a boy. Boys are the ones that use women as toys.

“Mad love” can be such sad love. Is that what you call love? Internally dying due to the lies you’ve been telling. Without all the yelling, how don’t you see? I guess there’s no telling.

A man is what you should be. Not a male that seeks for another woman to fill. You watched her take that pill, waiting for her insides to spill. How are you that mentally ill? The way you would gain such a thrill is disgusting, so very sad but true. She wanted it to be you. The way you took life from her genuinely made her realize you were the devil in disguise. Now you’re left with continuous lies to tell, without that amazing woman under your blinding spell.

Rita Gabriiel

Twisted minds. 

You’re all I could ever want you to be. My oh my, how that terrifies me. Are you really what you claim to be? How could you ever have interest in a person like me? Your crazies are just so perfect to me. Please remain next to me. Yours, forever, is all I want to be. The way your twisted mind intertwines with mine.. Genuinely eases me. Your crazy blue eyes and that perfect grin do nothing but hypnotize. I literally get lost, with just your love being the cost. Slowly, day by day, you’re gaining itty bitty pieces of me. Please, don’t break me.

Rita Gabriiel