The past is not always glamorous

It is a reminder of how far you’ve come

Once you act out a decision

It can never be undone

Lying to love ones who trust you

Afraid of the consequences ahead

Consumed by a guilty conscious

When honesty was the key instead

Begging for forgiveness

And pleading your case

Owning up to your dishonesty

Is the best way to save face

Let this be a lesson learned

When honesty is required

So your relationships remain in tact

Instead of being burned as a liar


Worth The Wait

He tells you he loves you and you’re the only one

How all the girls are having sex and it’s fun

You believe him and give in to temptation at will

Now everyone knows and that makes you ill

Broken promises and heartbreak after sex too soon

Abstinence is the goal, don’t let peer pressure fool you

Your body is a temple, treat it with care

Every girl isn’t having sex, let’s make that clear

Education and goals are the key

Once an adult and married, enjoy your husband blissfully


You and I fuss and fight constantly

And it’s draining all of my energy

Our relationship use to have so much stability

Fearful of this emotional roller coaster and where it’s taking me


To dark places I’ve never been before

Like when your hands were wrapped around my neck

My world became black and death was near my door

Blood vessels broken in both eyes


No apology…had me at the ER lying

To my family, friends, and staff

I should be ashamed of myself…defending your secrets

Of violent tantrums you always take out of me


I’ve had enough of this pain being inflicted on me

It’s time to stop you once and for all


Even if I remain a prisoner surrounded by four walls



The Power of Emotions

Love is a verb…people tend to forget

Quickly to speak it…not meaning it

Not realizing how it will affect

The other person…playing on their emotions

And once the façade is revealed, the heart is broken

The tears are overflowing and one blames themselves

The heart is no longer in despair…anger takes over

Followed by rage and vengeance

The mind has lost its stability

To comprehend the actions that lies ahead

And physically hurt the liar for their pain

It’s too late…the damage is done

The broken hearted is no longer the victim

But is labeled as legally insane

Detained from the ones who truly love them

Because of three powerful words

That people always use in vain





If you think peer pressure only exits in teens, you’re wrong

Being an adult in this fucked up world can be cold

A black woman, who’s constantly criticized by her black king

If it isn’t her kinky hair, full figure, or because she doesn’t get nasty in the sheets

Constantly being put on the back burner for other races

Once he’s moved up in the world to high places

So we constantly try to fit in with European standards

From hair weaves, relaxers, and coloring our hair

Bleaching our skin, pounds of makeup, and cosmetic surgery

Once that has been achieved you still continue to throw dirt on me

Damn, that’s too much work for me

So I will continue self-love and my king will find me

I embrace my melanin skin and kinky hair

My full lips, curvy hips, and round derriere

No peer pressure exists when you know your worth

You don’t have to devalue your real existence to be in his world

So love yourself and embrace your black beauty

You’re a black queen, never forget you are a rare commodity


Some days are good and some days are bad

As I reflect on the time spent living in the past

Being bitter, angry, unforgiving, and miserable

I end up hurting the people around me whom intentions are genuine

Do they deserve my wrath of anger I give them

And once I’ve realize my wrongdoings, I beg for forgiveness

Quinniece, darling, what could make you be this way?

You are an intelligent and beautiful lady what more can I say


As I look into the mirror to my surprise

Standing before me was a woman who has lost her stride

NO MORE as I shouted and broke the mirror into pieces

My past will not become my future and get the best of me

Dusting myself off as I pray to God above

God please enter my heart and fill it again with love

Joy, Forgiveness, Happiness, and Care

And let the beautiful, strong woman within come and declare….her VICTORY!