What you can’t see.

I suppose you can put the blame on me. This is not who I asked to be, I always wanted there to be more to me. I never wanted to be the one that was too blind to see. By the time I was able to see, I captured all the fucked up pieces of me. From my childhood to the woman I am today, there’s so many different scars inside of me. I know it kills you that I don’t trust you, or that I can’t right away. If you think about it, what has trusting anyone ever gotten me? A bruised heart with thoughts of what could be? This has nothing to do with intimacy in a relationship, this has to do with the woman inside of me. There are bits and pieces of me that I wish you could see, then maybe. Maybe you would be able to see all the fucked up parts of me. This way that I am is not a way that I want to be, and it drives me completely crazy. Once you gain trust with me, you will slowly begin to learn the deepest darkest parts of me and why I am the way I am.

Rita Gabriiel


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