Someone there?

Did you hear that, or was it just me? So many people tend to over look mental disorders as well as the severity of them. We can be the voice of the ones suffering, even if we are not suffering from the sickness. Mental disorders are one of the most serious disorders that we as human beings face daily. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, or voices in our heads. More times than not individuals who suffer DO seek help, it becomes overlooked until that person no longer has a voice to speak with or a breath to breathe. Suicide is as real as the demons we face. There may be people that aren’t comfortable with speaking about their mental disorders, when they are be the person they confide in. Don’t be the one to make the person feel like what might be going on in their mind doesn’t matter. It all matters, from the way we think to the way we love. With how much hate is already in the world, be the one to love. Be the one to show empathy.

Rita Gabriiel


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