I got up. 

From the abuse, I never thought I’d get used to another way. Now you’ve come, my pain slowly fades away. I learned to never disobey, even if the trust wasn’t clear face to face. Anxiety was a word, until you came along and made mine absurd. The constant clicking in my mind, could never be defined. I began to sleep less, hate this and that. You were a time bomb waiting to have me undress. Stripped naked of all I’ve ever known, you turned me into your mini clone. As promised, I’d never be alone. Right you were, I’m never alone. I have constant reminders of who you were, inside I feel like just skin and bones. Every person I run into has to deal with a part of it, too. With the right people and compassion, your actions will soon fade away. The internal scars are here to stay, but that’s okay! By being this way you’ve taught me that all I need is myself to stay. I’ve got no one to repay, I build myself back up from where you expected me to lay.

Rita Gabriiel 


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