Beauty queen. 

She’s a beauty queen but always caught in between. The dope fiends and the ones that won’t let her be. She wants simplicity, she’s never had that type of sanity. Her life’s always been a mystery. Day by day, she’s got nothing to say but some prays to lay. Hoping that maybe, one day she’ll gain the courage to finally say..That she’s tired of searching for the easy way. She’s tired of coming home, hoping that the hand won’t be laid. She’s tired of the broken promises and a man that she doesn’t want to stay. He uses her for a bed, a hot meal and when he wants to get laid. As twisted as it is, here’s the newest twist. He knows what he’s doing when he wants this, he wants a child out of this fucked up played out to be relationship. Why would you do this, what kind of love is this? Use and abuse, to get your way. Get laid, to bring an innocent child in just to stay? I’m at a loss of words for men this way. You’re not men, but each and every way.

 Rita Gabriiel 


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